Closed-loop services:


  Except the standard property management, we also provide non-property management services. For example purchasing second-hand furniture. Also, we cooperate with many accountants, lawyers, housing planning and construction and loan companies, and reliable and cost-effective worker that aiming to provide full housing service for you in HomeChain.

Systematic management:


A complete management system to ensure that your house will not cause problems due to management gaps. It covers recording, investigation, maintenance, inspection, final inspection, and other time points.

Flexible terms of service:


You will not be bound in the HomeChain. we allow you terminated the agreement in advance if you choose other  property management company, we will deal with and hand over the relevant documents as soon as possible. 

Multi-platform advertising:


Letting more people see your house is the most important step of renting. We will put your property information on New Zealand's biggest house rental platform Trademe Property and Chinese community platform SkyKiwi as soon as possible. We also support Hougarden, Realestate, Homes, Oneroof and other platforms.

Free servises:


  We offer Rental Appraisal for free, the appraisal is based on the realities of the market and our experience. At the same time, we provide free question solving, if you have any relevant questions, you can add a friend or follow up on Facebook, we will answer your question as soon as possible.



0% - Lowest Model after discount

The management fee will be reduced by 1% for each activity completed, and these activities and discounts are permanent. Your management fee can be as low as 0%, which is FREE to manage your property

3% - Mortgage Model

Suitable landlords who have mortgforage pressure.

Provide basic property management services.

5% - Standard​ Model

Early termination.

Flexible service content.

Minimum management fees is 0%.

10% - Trust Model

Suitable for overseas landlords. 

Free labor, inspection and other.

Advance payment of rent arrears


New Client


Whenever you introduce a new landlord to HomeChain housing management company, your property management fee will be reduced by 1%.

Sell Property


Whenever you sell a property, you can return 1% of your property management fee through our referral agent.

Partner company


Whenever you complete an order at Ownermaster or another partner company, your property management fee will be 1%.